What is the minimum order?


The minimum order for personalized picks is 125 units.


All other models are sold in bags of a minimum of 25 units each, except Jimy Iron sold per units.


Can I combine picks of different models, calibers or colours within the same order?


Personalized picks can be combined always, but not being quantities less than 125 units. (All being the same).The same logo on the same model is considered one single order. This is important when calculating price. The rest of the models are made of 75 units each and they should be the same.


How long will delivery take?


The delivery time will be specified for each case, from receipt of payment.


Personalized picks can take from 15 to 20 business days.


For exposition boxes and brand picks Jimy, delivery is within 10 business days subject to availability of stock.


The silver picks will be delivered within 7 business days subject to availability of stock.


Strings and drumsticks will be delivered within 2 business days subject to availability of stock.


The Custom drumsticks have a delivery time of 20 to 25 business days.


The Merchandising products have a delivery time of 20 to 25 business days.


Can I buy picks without engravings?


No, Jimy Picks is responsible for its work and because of this does not sell blank picks to be engraved by outsiders with different standards and methods.


How can I place my order?


You can place your orther on this website or send an email to pedidos@jimy.com.


How  do I pay for my picks?


1. Bank transfer to:

Púas Jimy, S.L.

Banco Popular Español

Nº account: 0075 1618 02 0600037857

IBAN ES86 0075 1618 0206 0003 7857



2. By Credit card.


3. By Paypal.


Does the price vary depending on colour or caliber?


No, the price of the order varies depending on the number of picks, the model, if they are one or both sides, the number of different colours that logos have, if the picks are drilled or not and if they are accompanied by a key chain or chain/necklace ... All calibers, colours of picks and logo colours have the same price.


What colours can I order my personalized picks in?


colour of the pick depends on the model and caliber, except in orders over 5000 units.


For the logo colours, we have included a large variety of smooth, silver, golden and holographics.


What material are Jimy Picks made of?


They are made from a mixture of nylon, resins, acetates etc.  that make them incredibly flexible and longlasting.


How are Jimy Picks marked?


Through heat impression at high temperatures.  Controlling the temperature, time and depth of the impression we achieve better results with greater adherence as well as longer durability and higher resistance to wear and tear.