For several and before putting any of our products on the market, Jimy investigated in search of the materials which are the most durable, flexible and ecological.  Using a mixture of nylon, resins, acetates etc.  we have managed to provide our picks with unbeatable performance  and with a wide variety of exclusive colours.


Elaboration 1

We have used the newest technology to obtain perfection in all of our molds, which leads us to achieve the desired  top quality in our picks.We emphasize the smoothness of the edges, which prevent minor damage to the strings and extend their use, as well as a different radius for each pick, which allows a more homogeneous wear on the pick.

In the process of our production, we use only the best and most precise machinery, digitally controlling the temperature, the mix of colours, and the time of injection.


At  Jimy Picks, we take care of the last minute detail, which is why our picks are washed before being surrendered to an anti-skid treatment avoiding the dust and the dirt that appear during the process.


Elaboration 2

One of the most complex stages in the production of our picks is the engraving.  Following much investigation and after an endless number of tests, we rejected methods of impression, such as serigraphy or printing because, although the apparent  results were very good, the logos did not last on the pick, and ended up on the fingers of the musicians that were testing them out


It is important to remember that perspiration is composed of uric acid and that picks are submitted to continuous distorting while in use. Because of this, we have chosen impression with heat at high temperatures.  Controlling the temperature, time, and depth of impression we obtain a better adhesion which provides for better results which are both longer lasting and more resistant to wear.


Elaboration 3

Because we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to the making of our products, Jimy Picks does not sell blank picks (without marking).  We like to take responsibility for our work which is why all of our products  are patented and it is our policy not to sell picks for printing by others with methods that, although somewhat cheaper, may have doubtful results


At Jimy Picks, we know that a pick not only defines sound, but is an extension of the group or a musician, a business card, a collectors item and a publicity devise, because of this we count on our team of designers who are in charge of retouching all of the logos sent to us by our clients, adapting them to the needs which the size and process of production require, advising and proposing alternatives to make the final result almost perfect.


We are equipped with a wide scale of colours, smooth, metallized, gold finish, silver, holographic…  We use high quality and very resistant films, all of this without substantially increasing the final price of the product.


A constant struggle to obtain a level of top quality in our products leads us to continue investigating with one sole target:  to be the best!