Terms and Conditions of sale




All offers and promotions advertised on our website and catalogs are designed only to registered customers into the website. All products in our catalogs and websites are subject to availability as stock.




The prices of our catalogs and website do not include VAT or shipping charges, unless expressly mentioned, and shall be shown in Euros. Prices contained in our documents of sale and website are guaranteed for the duration of the validity of them, except printing errors.




All of our orders are shipped by courier, except the silver picks to be delivered by certified mail. We remind the recipient´s legal obligation (Article 366 - Commercial Code), to check the goods at the time of delivery, and if visible signs of flaws appear, do not sign the agreement of reception as good, but make an immediate complaint through the carrier written delivery form; in case of hidden damage inside the package, make the claim within the deadline, by contacting Púas Jimy, SL (it will not be valid after this date). If the goods have been damaged during transport to the point of being unusable, the recipient is not obliged to accept them, and if rejected, you must inform us immediately.




Delivery times depend on the item purchased and are as published in our catalogs and websites, such limits are calculated from the moment of completion of the order as described in paragraph 8. PAYMENTS (Mondays to Fridays except public holidays) and when the order was made before 17:00 The delivery time could be delayed with respect to the normal period, according to availability of stock, and previous notice from us. The delays that may occur will not result in any compensation from us.




Púas Jimy , SL is responsible for the outcome of its products, taking into account the limitations of materials and systems used to manufacture them. The final result can vary from the models shipped to customers and photos published in catalogs and websites; this is due to the existence of a limited number of colors and the difference in size and color between the simulations and the final product. For this purpose Púas Jimy, S.L. will only be responsible for the product that clearly differs from that offered to the customer. The articles that have been assigned to a different use from which they were conceived for will not be under warranty. In no case, warranty will cover the repayment of gifts.




By the acceptance of the goods the buyer assumes compliance with all conditions of sale and trade of each transaction. Warranty service offered PúasJimy, SL allows you to return the products for the reasons stated in paragraph 5. WARRANTIES, provided that the goods are in perfect condition in its original packing, and within 7 working days from the receipt of product. The customer will have 24 hours to return damaged goods during transport. All costs associated with the return of material will be paid by PúasJimy, SL; the return may take place only within the statutory deadlines: 7 calendar days from purchase of goods for exchange or refund and 24 hours for shipping damages. No refunds are allowed on personalized products except in the cases established in the paragraph WARRANTIES. Refunds will be made by mailing cash to PúasJimy, SL B83447516 C / Santa Clara, 8 E1 28801 Alcala de Henares (MADRID). PúasJimy, S.L. reserves the right not to reimburse the amount of the merchandise on all returns if the terms and conditions set in our Terms and Conditions are not fulfilled.




Púas Jimy, S.L. will not in any way be responsible for any kind of damages which may result from improper use of its products. The only obligation of PúasJimy, S.L. will be to replace the buyer with the amount of product found defective (see paragraph 5. GUARANTEES), not being responsible for any injury, loss or damage resulting from the use them. PúasJimy, S.L. reserves the right to modify the design or characteristics of the products without notice.




Payment for goods is always done in advance by following the lines established by PúasJimy, SL. Payment is in cash and without discounts unless expressly stated otherwise in the invoice itself (see our forms of payment). In some cases, taking into account the size of the order, payment will be negotiated with the client. In this case if not to make the scheduled payment due date of part or all of the merchandise, it will be required immediately and right. The costs of any legal action shall be paid by the debtor. The credit card payment will be made through the secure platform of BANCO PASTOR or by PAYPAL, accepting the customer the terms and conditions involved. In accordance with the law, card information will be automatically erased after the charge by the amount of the order.




The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution which is available at the following link:http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

10. LOGOS:


As for the drawings, logos, marks or any other rights or objects, it is presumed that the client has the authorization (or permission) of the owner of the marks, logos and drawings whose realization is requested, always remaining the obligation of the client to obtain this authorization. In case of any claim of the owners of such rights because of the absence of  authorizations or for undue use of rights, all the responsibilities correspond to the client that makes the order, as it is material and legally impossible to confirm the legality  of all orders that are made.