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Pictures and drawings of high-quality picks Jimy Professional white.

A Protective Layer provides a spectacular finish.

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Minimum order of 75 units. For Orders larger than 5.000, please click


The order will be of at least 75 units; within each order the model and logo must remain the same. For example: 150 units can only be divided into 2 different orders of 75 each. According to the minimum of each order, the same order is considered the one in which the logo and model remains the same. In the minimum order, exceptionally, you can choose 2 diferent logos. You can note in "Observations" as would the distribution of the logos.




The order price will vary depending on the number of picks, the model and if they are on one or both sides. All logos are the same price.










21% VAT and shipping costs are not included * Delivery time is 15 to 20 days subject to availability of stock.

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